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Economic Impact
Nowadays products from European SME are forced to provide a higher customer benefit than mass production goods from e.g. Asian low-cost countries. This higher benefit usually esteems from higher quality, technically more sophisticated solutions and an advanced degree of customizability. Thus companies have to ensure a high product quality level and a flexible production system in order to produce products at competitive costs. Due to its structural deficits compared to e.g. OEM especially SME have to put more effort into continuous improvement of product and process quality as well as into system quality because of steadily changing stakeholder requirements. As SME are often involved as suppliers and have to react on a huge variety of external changes, the proposed approach strengthens the position of SME. The main focus is on factors like time reduction, increasing flexibility and cost reduction.

According to the SME account to the European gross national product these factors are vitally important and have strong economic impact.Therefore the transfer and the dissemination of the project results have to be considered applicable in general and are seen as pre-competitive. With three directly involved countries the SME recipients are numerousness and the objective is an additional exploitation beyond the project partner.